Biz Talk Orchestration Services

BizTalk Orchestration Services allow for a visual link between the business process and the implementation of that process. It supports loosely coupled, long-running transactions that may take months to complete.We discussed the BizTalk Orchestration Designer in the previous section "Features of BizTalk Server 2000," but that was only the surface of what is really going on. Microsoft has developed an entire language called XLANG (based on XML) to document a business process and its link to the implementation of that process. They have shielded the users from this by presenting it within a Visio interface, but the technology is really quite impressive. As mentioned previously, the drawings that you develop in the BizTalk Orchestration Designer are then compiled into an executable form. This executable is called an XLANG Schedule and is run by a service called the XLANG Scheduler Engine. Technologies that are used to implement the business process are the BizTalk Messaging Services, COM components, message queuing, and Windows script components.

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