Distributed Transaction Coordinator

Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) is required for BizTalk. Since it is a separate service that can be shut down for any number of reasons outside of BizTalk, make sure that it is running. Typically, this problem will produce references in the event log to "MSDTC Client," so you will have clues. Nevertheless, we mention it here because in a typical server environment, someone outside of the BizTalk team might have had some "influence" on DTC without your knowledge.

As suggested in the Microsoft documentation, many BizTalk configurations will be comprised of BizTalk Server installed on one machine, and the SQL Server database installed on another. In this scenario, MS Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) must be running on the SQL server. If it is discontinued, BizTalk will fail, with errors such as "Can't access InterchangeSQ."

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