Document and Interchange Queries

The Web-based document tracking system was introduced in Chapter 4. It allows users to view details about interchanges and documents that have passed through BizTalk Server. In this section, we'll discuss some of the intricacies of querying the tracking database and interpreting the resulting data.


Document Tracking

When first executing the document tracking application, depending on your browser settings, you might come across a JavaScript error that prohibits you from communicating with the tracking database. This error results from the browser's refusal to recognize a *.vb file as a VBScript source file. To remedy this problem, go into your BizTalk installation and into the BizTalkTracking folder. Change any instances of:

<script language="vbscript" src=


<script language="vbscript" src=


Also, rename connection.vb to connection.vbs. Your browser should now recognize this file as VBScript and be able to access your SQL Server. Also, recognize that Internet Explorer 4 or later must be used to access this application, since several ActiveX controls are used to provide functionality to the application.

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