Documenting Your Environment

Every deployment at this level should be aligned with an organization's enterprise architecture. The Microsoft Enterprise Architecture is a system that describes the four key perspectives within an organization and how they relate to one another to provide information technology-based solutions. It is key to understand the large picture before trying to deploy BizTalk Server 2000. Microsoft defines the four key perspectives within an Enterprise Architecture as:

■ The business perspective that identifies the goals and objectives of the organization.

■ The application perspective that represents the collection of applications that support the business processes.

■ The information perspective that documents what the enterprise needs to know to run its operation, as well as the interactions between the applications and information.

■ The technology perspective that represents the components and technologies needed to build and run the organization's system;, it also links the technology to the applications and information architectures.

Specifically within the technology perspective, you should document the following:

■ Network topologies and backbone infrastructure (routers, switches, etc.)

■ Application development environment (do you have a test lab?)

■ Security polices and structures such as firewalls

■ Other network services such as DNS,WINS, DHCP,Windows load balancing, and IIS

■ Database management systems

Each of these items will affect the nature and manner in which you deploy BizTalk Server. One additional item you must document is the anticipated volume of documents that BizTalk Server 2000 will be processing, and from this decide on the scaling choices up front.

If you would like more information about Microsoft suggestions on the contents of an enterprise architecture, we suggest learning about Microsoft's Solutions Framework (MSF), which is part of their Enterprise Services Framework. Please view for general information. For a specific example of what should go into an enterprise architecture, read the EA whitepaper at EnterpriseArchitectureEssentials.doc.

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