Figure 716 Transaction Properties Dialog for the Outer Transaction

Even if the inner transaction fails, this will not automatically lead to the abortion of the outer transaction. If this is your intention, you should use the On Failure of Transaction page of the inner transaction to set a message field. After the inner transaction returns the outer transaction, it should flow in a decision that can act on the value in this message field. Let's end the discussion on transactions with a few remarks:

■ A component that is instantiated within a transaction will not be available outside the transaction. In case you need the component to be available after a transaction—for example, you need to retain processing results—you must instantiate the component, using the Initialize method, before the flow goes into the transaction.

■ Messages that are created in a While loop on an On Failure of Transaction or Compensation on Transaction page will not be available outside the While loop.To retain the results, you need an empty message before going into the While loop.

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