Figure 735 Create a New Rule or Select an Existing One for a While or Decision Shape

Once you are in the Add Rule dialog, you have the option to Create a new rule or Add an existing rule.The latter means rules that are defined for other Decision and While shapes and not yet used for this Decision.

For the While it is a little different, since it can only have one rule, but as you first drag it on the page, it only has the mandatory Continue exit.When you right-click the shape, you can select Add Rule, which presents the Add Rule dialog (Figure 7.35). Once you have a rule in place, you can only replace it by first deleting the current one by right-clicking the While and selecting Delete Rule.

The quickest way to edit a rule is to double-click it, or right-click it and select Properties.With the Decision shape, you can also do this using the Decision Properties dialog.

Now that we have this out of the way, we can focus on defining rules. Let's first look at what comprises a rule. Open the Rule Properties dialog (Figure 7.36). Select Create a new rule from the Add Rule dialog, and click OK.

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