Every implementation of a business application involves security issues.The two main questions any business must ask are,"What do we regard as security issues?" and "What are we going to do about these issues?"You will find the answer to the first question in the following paragraph.The second question will take rest of the chapter to answer.

Applying security to a business application of BizTalk Server means preventing any situation that would result in disruption of the application, the data involved, or the infrastructure the application uses. A disruption can originate either from the technology involved or from human behavior. This chapter does not give you a summation of all possible scenarios that could arise and the solutions to counter them. Instead, it gives you a broad grounding in security that will enable you to limit the chances of a disruption occurring, be it your BizTalk server going down, a disgruntled employee who wants to sabotage the system, or a script kiddie trying to find a way into your network. Although the latter is not likely if your company is not as high profile as Microsoft or Yahoo!, such intrusions do occur, especially when such persons are in it for the notoriety and fame it will potentially bring them.

Having said this, it is time to look at the first step in setting up a secured BizTalk Server environment; namely, defining the company's security policy.

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