Another one of the final capabilities that we will talk about for BizTalk 2000 Messaging Services is the ability to track documents and generate receipts. Document tracking has the capability to provide information on exchangeable documents down to the field level.This type of detail is helpful in recording and archiving physical characteristics of transactions for future audits, aids in troubleshooting both incoming and outgoing information, and can provide assistance in disputes that might arise during processing.

Working in conjunction with BizTalk Document Tracking are the receipt generation and acknowledgement functions. These provide what is known as reliable messaging that is supported under the BizTalk 2.0 Framework. Reliable messaging guarantees once-only delivery of documents and receipts via the Internet and other heterogeneous environments. This chapter covers the intricacies of these two features.We go into detail about configuration of channels to support user-defined field-level tracking of information and provide an outline on receipt generation.We finally touch on the schema of the Tracking database and talk about advanced capabilities of the tracking services in regard to XLANG schedules.


If you have not already done so, consider upgrading your BizTalk Server 2000 installation to the most current service pack. Several key bug fixes have been made to BizTalk Server, and to document tracking in particular, that are included in the service packs.

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