BizTalk Orchestration Services put the final piece into the puzzle. BizTalk Messaging Services provide a secure and robust set of capabilities that assist us with delivery and tracking of information through different interchanges.What these services do not cover is the ability to control the flow of information into or out of the various systems. Microsoft's .NET architecture provides a tier concept in which these business components would reside.With the aid of BizTalk Orchestration Services, we extend the n-tier concept into a more dynamic process in which components are provided the messaging subsystem, and are more autonomous in the functions they are designed to perform. Add in the BizTalk Orchestration Designer and we give a business analyst greater control over creating these business process definitions. To use BizTalk effectively, you must have a thorough understanding of workflows.This chapter discusses the fundamentals of business processes, with an overview of process integration between applications. We discuss how the business process definitions or XLANG schedules are designed and implemented in BizTalk 2000.We cover the integration of Orchestration and Messaging Services, and give an example of the complete solution.You will enable and configure your installation to handle long-running transactions, and to communicate between loosely coupled environments in a meaningful fashion.

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