Mapping Data between Documents

Now that we are comfortable with making and working with specifications, we will move on to working with them outside the BizTalk Editor. The whole point of specification creation and usage is the fact that you are going to eventually have to deal with dissimilar data specifications and standards. Remember that the whole basis and underlying functionality of BizTalk Server 2000 is to be able to transparently allow businesses to work seamlessly together and do business with dissimilar systems and infrastructures. BizTalk allows you to work with EDI and other standards between two companies that do not necessarily have the same standards, even over the Internet or Web with XML coding.

Once you have your specifications and your business partners are ready to connect and do business with you, the next step is to map their purchase orders to yours.You might work with five different companies that all use different purchase order formats. In this section of the chapter, we will look at creating two specifications and do a very simple mapping.We will describe the use of func-toids and how they aid in the mapping of specifications.We will also describe how to map the specifications that already exist within BizTalk 2000 Server.

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