It is important that all servers make use of the security features of the Windows 2000 File System, still called NTFS. NTFS can help you in two ways to secure your XLANG schedules and COM+ components:

■ Access rights

■ Encrypting file system

Setting the correct access rights is important for the BizTalk application to work properly. In that regard, it is sensible to keep the access rights in all environments, including the development, limited to the level you will use in the production environment.You need at least a basic understanding of how access rights are granted within NTFS. For the sake of the discussion, let us assume that the format of a Windows 2000 Server file system is NTFS, by default. Experience shows that a fair amount of runtime problems during production are due to the lack of attention during development and testing.You are not only confronted with access rights of the users of your BizTalk application, but also with the role identities that are given to COM+ components and the fact that Windows 2000 users are bound to these roles. This is discussed later in the section Component Level Security. Remember that the BizTalk XLANG schedule engine is itself a COM+ application.

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