Receipt Channels

Channels can also be configured as "receipt" channels. Certain BizTalk documents will require that the recipient provide a receipt on processing the docu-ment.When an ordinary, nonreceipt channel receives such a document, it must notify a receipt channel to initiate processing of the document receipt.These channels and their associated messaging ports exist solely to process receipts generated by another channel/port combination.

Receipt channels are configured using the Channel wizard, just as any other channel. Because of their restricted purpose, receipt channels have slightly fewer options available to them during configuration than do ordinary channels. First, you can neither expect nor generate a receipt from a receipt channel itself. Moreover, the "inbound document definition" is defaulted to "BizTalk Canonical Receipt."This is an internal document definition that is responsible for pulling the pertinent fields from the document envelope header and packaging them in a separate document.The document specification for the canonical receipt can be seen in the WebDAV repository on your BizTalk Server under the name "CanonicalReceipt.xml."


When configuring an ordinary channel that processes a document requesting a receipt, you must provide details of the receipt channel that will handle the receipt. Therefore, you must configure the receipt channel and its associated messaging ports prior to configuring the ordinary channel that uses it.

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