The installation ofVisio, while quite long, is rather straightforward. Most likely, before the system starts the actual installation ofVisio, it will update a few system objects and require a reboot before you continue the installation.You want to be sure to allow it to reboot, because not doing so can cause this and later installations to fail. In addition, make sure to restart the installation after the reboot. After my reboot, I took some time and started working on a few other things. I then came back to try to finish the Visio installation, and it seemed to have forgotten that it had already initialized the installation and did it again! So, however many times it takes, eventually you should get to the screen shown in Figure 2.6.This shows that Visio has completed the preinstallation initialization and that the system is ready to begin the Visio installation. From there, the installation is very simple: simply choose which templates your want to have as part of your Visio installation and it will proceed. It really does not matter which templates you select; none are specifically required for your BizTalk Server installation.

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