Setup and Configuration

This section covers the basics of verifying your setup and doing basic configuration using specific tools, including the tutorial. On April 27, 2001, Microsoft released a new version of a tutorial that is found within the BizTalk Server Online Documentation.This new tutorial should be downloaded and installed, as it is the easiest way to test your BizTalk Server 2000 configuration.You can find the tutorial in several different locations, including:

■ Version 1.5 of the tutorial release.asp?ReleaseID=29392.

■ Main Download page downloads/default.asp.

The tutorial download consists of the lesson guide, code, and script examples compressed into a single ZIP file. Once you have downloaded the file, we can begin to install it. To take full advantage of the tutorial, we recommend that you have an installed version of BizTalk Server, SQL Server, and Visio 2000 ready to go. Since we covered installs already, it is assumed that this is the case. However, what might not be obvious is the additional software required to open the ZIP file, and Microsoft Word to read the lessons documents. These applications might not be software that you normally would install on your production server, so you might want to run the tutorial on a test machine only.

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