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Creating and Using Specifications

0 To create and modify specifications, you need to use the Microsoft BizTalk Editor that comes bundled with BizTalk Server 2000.This product will allow you to change, modify, or detail all aspects of records and fields contained within each specification.

0 You create records and fields within each specification. The top record is called the root node. Records are defined as elements, and fields are defined as attributes .You can changes settings to make fields as elements.

0 Knowing how to export and import specifications is important because you might have to bring an EDI-based standard into your BizTalk Editor for editing, and export it as an XDR schema.

Mapping Data between Documents

Mapping documents is critical to BizTalk Server 2000's functionality of interoperability. Mapping a document could entail taking an EDI-based document specification and mapping it to an XML-based specification to transparently allow two businesses with two different systems to work together regardless of their pre-established standards.

The BizTalk Mapper is used to set up a Source and Destination specification to allow such mapping to take place.This tool supplies you with a GUI to map with and compile to an XSLT stylesheet.

The BizTalk Mapper allows you to visually see what it is that you want to work with, and provides other tools (such as functoids) to make the mapping as simple as possible.


0 Functoids within the BizTalk Mapper allow you to perform certain functions to your mapped specifications without having to know advanced VB Scripting.

0 There are 40+ functoids that allow you the functionality of performing math, scientific, string-based, and database querying functions as well as a host of others.

0 If you can't find what you need within the Functoid palette, you can script your own functions into the BizTalk Mapper.

Using WebDAV

0 WebDAV is the standard to allow for multiple party collaboration over local or remote means to access shared data.

0 You can use WebDAV-based functionality within both the BizTalk Editor and the BizTalk Mapper (as well as other BizTalk components).

0 Use WebDAV to upload information to a central repository for all to access for multipoint collaboration of projects.

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