In this chapter, we introduced the installation process and basic configuration process.We began by making a thorough analysis of your needs to make sure that you selected the hardware and deployment options that will support the level of scalability required.

We discussed the system requirements to install and configure BizTalk Server 2000, the minimum hardware and software requirements, key installation options, and preferred configuration choices.The base installation requires that Windows 2000 with Service Pack 1, SQL Server 7.0 with Service Pack 2, and Visio SR1 are installed before launching the BizTalk Server installation.

We also introduced several key configuration steps. Before starting your BizTalk Server 2000 installation, make sure that the underlying services and configurations are present within Windows. Make sure the Microsoft Message Queue engine is installed.Within IIS, it is recommended that you disable authoring access. BizTalk requires several hotfixes in order to function properly; the easiest way to apply those is to apply Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, and for maximum security, make sure you apply all the post Service Pack 2 hot fixes as well. It is also helpful to create a BizTalk Service account, and select that account when you perform your installation to make management easier later.

Within your SQL Server configuration, it is important that you select Mixed Mode authentication. For maximum performance, don't forget to install the ADOfre15.reg file.The final key configuration setting is to verify that you changed the identity of the XLANG scheduler from the system account to the service account after your installation.

By following these basic guidelines, you should have a successful installation of BizTalk Server 2000.You also want to make sure that you review the Microsoft BizTalk ( and the Microsoft Security ( Web sites prior to installation to verify if there are any new guidelines or hotfixes that should be included in your installation routine.

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