This chapter discussed the fundamental knowledge you will need to either monitor or optimize the performance of BizTalk Server 2000.We touched on the high availability (HA) of critical services to give you a solid understanding of what it is you might need to implement to keep your systems running in time of crisis.This, of course, depends on budget and what amount of downtime is acceptable. Clustering and load balancing can help achieve this high availability, as well as segmenting services such as putting databases on separated clustered servers.We also delved into the topics of configuring BizTalk Server groups, which were used to centrally manage multiple resources. Making performance gains by using the right amount of bandwidth on LAN and WAN links and making sure you do not have significant bottlenecks in those areas were also discussed to help in optimizing services.We looked at specific system tweaks in order to get the last little drops of performance out of your BizTalk Server system. Performance optimization was monitored through the Performance console's System Monitor, and we set up counters to review and monitor specific system resources.We also looked at configuring BizTalk-specific counters. Finally, we covered the fundamentals of Application Center 2000 and Web-based management with WMI.

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