The NET Enterprise Servers

Microsoft's .NET strategy is comprised of five basic parts: the User Experience, Clients, Services,Tools, and the Enterprise Servers.These Enterprise Servers will be the underlying platform that will provide the foundation for all of the other parts of the .NET strategy. For example, on the Services front we have the Microsoft XML Web Services, codenamed "Hailstorm," which will rely on the presence of these .NET Enterprise Servers.The .NET enterprise servers will work together to meet the needs of business-to-consumer online transaction systems and business-to-business electronic fulfillment systems.Table 1.1 lists the different server titles and their descriptions.

Table 1.1 The .NET Enterprise Servers

Server Title


Microsoft Application Center 2GGG

Microsoft Commerce Server 2GGG

Microsoft SQL Server 2GGG (SQL)

Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2GGG (ISA)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2GGG

A deployment and management tool that enables Web applications that are built on Microsoft Windows 2000 to achieve a high availability through software scaling for mission-critical availability.

A comprehensive system for building scalable, personalized, business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) e-business solutions on Windows 2000, as well as tools for analyzing site activity.

For Web-enabled database applications, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 provides data storage and analysis, indexing and searching, and security and auditing for enabling scalable Web applications.

Provides secure Internet connectivity, fast Web access through delivery of Web content through a Web cache, and unified firewall management.

Offers solutions for e-mail delivery as well as real-time collaboration. In e-business scenarios it provides automation of transaction acknowledgments.


Table 1.1 Continued

Server Title

Microsoft Host Integration Server

2000 (HIS)

Microsoft Mobile Information

2001 Server

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000


Much of the data and business processes of today's large corporations are still handled by legacy systems. HIS provides access and integration opportunity with systems and your e-business applications, protecting and leveraging your existing investments.

A reliable and scalable platform for wireless solutions that bring together wireless users and corporate data.

A comprehensive solution that allows both business analysts and developers to work side by side to automate business processes and leverage each of the other .NET servers.

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