Unicode is the only format you can use to save your document

We now have a detailed understanding of the left pane, right pane, and menu systems of the BizTalk Editor. Next, let's examine the two tabs in the bottom pane:

■ Output This tab is used to display XML as a "Document Instance" when you select to create the instance with the Create XML Instance command. Go to Tools | Create XML Instance. A dialog box opens to allow you to save this instance to a location specified by you (such as your hard disk).You can now use the Output tab to view this code.

■ Warning A warning seen in the Warning tab is directly related to the validation and proven validity of a document instance against a specification. If you need to validate the document instance, go to Tools | Validate Instance. Open a dialog box that will allow you to browse to the document instance you want to validate. For this exercise, browse to the document you just saved. If you didn't save it, wait until the next exercise to create a new specification.Then, once you complete the exercise, create the instance, validate the document instance, and then use this tab to view generated warnings.


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