Lesson 1 Creating and Configuring List Display Controls

A common scenario in user interface design is to present lists of data to users and to allow them to select items from that list. Visual Studio provides several list-based controls that allow a variety of presentation options. In this lesson, you will learn about the basic list-based controls, such as the ListBox, ComboBox, and CheckedList-Box, as well as more specialized list-based controls such as ListView, TreeView, NumericUpDown, and DomainUpDown. You will learn how to display lists and select items from lists.

After this lesson, you will be able to:

■ Programmatically determine which item in a list appears in a given position.

■ Add or remove items from a list of items in a list-based control.

■ Bind a list-based control to a data source.

■ Display data in a drop-down combo box.

■ Select one or more items from a pre-defined list.

■ Use the ListView control to display a list of items with icons.

■ Use the TreeView control to display a list of items in a hierarchical view.

■ Configure the DomainUpDown control to display a list of strings.

■ Configure the NumericUpDown control to display a list of numbers. Estimated lesson time: 60 minutes

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