Lesson 2 Using User Assistance Controls and Components

The .NET Framework contains many controls and components that can be used to enhance the usability and usefulness of your application. Controls such as the StatusStrip and ProgressBar allow you to convey information to the user in a variety of ways; the HelpProvider, ErrorProvider, and ToolTip components allow you to offer user assistance; and other components enable you to add a greater depth of functionality to your applications. In this lesson, you will learn how to enhance your application with user assistance controls and components.

After this lesson, you will be able to:

■ Configure the PropertyGrid component.

■ Configure the ProgressBar control to indicate progress graphically.

■ Display status information using the StatusStrip control.

■ Configure the ToolTip component.

■ Configure the ErrorProvider component.

■ Configure the HelpProvider component.

■ Play system sounds and audio files by using the SoundPlayer.

■ Configure the Timer component to raise an event at regular intervals.

■ Enable scrolling by using the HScrollBar and VScrollBar controls. Estimated lesson time: 45 minutes

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