AS WITH ANY MAJOR PROJECT PUTTING A BOOK OF this size and scope together is a team effort and we as authors were really lucky to have such a great support team helping to keep us on track and focused. I'd like to publicly call out and thank our editor, Adaobi, who managed to turn around several of the late chapters (those would be mine) in an incredibly short time, and our technical editors, in particular Dianne, who did an outstanding job. They found hundreds of issues so that our readers wouldn't need to, and helped ensure that everything worked and flowed in a logical fashion.

—Bill Sheldon

WHILE WRITING can be a solitary activity, writing for a book definitely is not, and I have many people to thank for getting me here.

Thank you to all my coworkers who picked up the slack while I worked on this (Oh, wait — I work alone — never mind). Thank you to my co-authors, and my fine editors: Adaobi Obi Tulton, Paul Reese, and Dianne Siebold. If there is any quality here, it is likely due to their hard work.

I am definitely grateful to all the people who regularly put up with my negativity, and help me to become better: Eileen, Chris, Tharun, Kraig and Duncan. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And finally, thanks to all of you that have selected this book. I hope it helps.

—Kent Sharkey

THANKS TO BETH MASSI for being too busy to work on this project and thanks to the people at Wrox for accepting Beth's suggestion that I would be a suitable replacement.

As a first time author, I have to give special thanks to Adaobi Obi Tulton, Dianne Siebold, Doug Parsons, Doug Waterfield, and Luann Rouff for helping me make my work appear as if it was written by a professional author. I'm sure it wasn't easy.

Finally, I'd like to thank those who helped me advance professionally to the point that this opportunity was even possible: Craig Flanagan, Sasha Krsmanovic, Jean-Rene Roy, Mark Dunn, Carl Franklin, Richard Campbell, all the Canadian RDs, and everyone at ObjectSharp.

—Rob Windsor

I WISH TO ACKNOWLEDGE Paul Reese and Adaobi Obi Tulton; they had a lot of patience and they allowed me to make the necessary changes to my chapter in order to include the most appropriate information about the new parallel programming features introduced in .NET Framework 4 and Visual Basic 2010.

Special thanks go to my wife, Vanesa S. Olsen, because she understood that I needed to work with many computers at the same time to test each code snippet.

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