Adding XML Comments

One of Visual Studio's features is the capability to generate an XML comments template for Visual Basic. XML comments are a much more powerful feature than you might realize, because they are also recognized by Visual Studio for use in IntelliSense. To add a new XML comment to your handler, go to the line before the handler and type three single quotation marks: '". This triggers Visual Studio to replace your single quotation marks with the following block of comments. You can trigger these comments in front of any method, class, or property in your code:

''' <param name="sender"></param> ''' <param name="e"></param> ''' <remarks></remarks>

Visual Studio provides a template that offers a place to include a summary of what this method does. It also provides placeholders to describe each parameter that is part of this method. Not only are the comments entered in these sections available within the source code, when it's compiled you'll also find an XML file in the project directory, which summarizes all your XML comments and can be used to generate documentation and help files for the said source code. By the way, if you refactor a method and add new parameters, the XML comments also support IntelliSense for the XML tags that represent your parameters.

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