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BILL SHELDoN is a software architect and engineer originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Holding a degree in computer science from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Bill has been actively employed as a software engineer since resigning his commission with the United States Navy. He is a Microsoft MVP for Visual Basic employed in Carlsbad, California. Bill also works as an instructor for .NET courses at the University of California San Diego Extension. In addition to writing books, Bill has published dozens of articles, including the Developer Update Newsletter, SQL Server Magazine feature articles, and other Penton publications. He is an established online presenter for MSDN and speaks at live events such as VSLive, DevConnections, Office Developers Conference, and community events such as user groups and code camp. Bill is an avid cyclist and is active in the fight against diabetes. Bill can be tracked down through his blog: or via Twitter: NerdNotes.

—— BILLY HOLLIS is an author and software consultant based in Nashville, Tennessee. Billy was co-author of the first book ever published on Visual Basic .NET, as well as many other books on software development. He is a member of the Microsoft Regional Director program and a Microsoft MVP. In 2002, Billy was selected as one of the original .NET "Software ^^^Bt Legends." He is heavily involved with consulting, training, and development on the .NET

platform, focusing on architecture, smart-client development, commercial packages, and user-interface technologies. He regularly speaks on software development at major conferences all over the world, including Microsoft's PDC and TechEd events, DevConnections, VSLive, and architecture events such as the Patterns and Practices Architect Summit.

Kent Sharkey is an independent consultant who lives and codes in Comox, British Columbia. Before going solo, Kent worked at Microsoft as a technical evangelist and content strategist, promoting the use of .NET technologies. He lives with his wife, Margaret, and three "children" — Squirrel, Cica, and Toffee.

JoNATHAN MARBuTT is Vice President of Development for WayCool Software, Inc., based in Birmingham, AL. He has been working professionally in software development since 1996, where he has covered various Microsoft technologies from VB6 to .NET. Over the recent years, Jonathan has been developing with Silverlight to build Rich Internet Line of Business applications for the non-profit sector. Through this development, he is beginning to focus on User Experience (UX) by utilizing Microsoft products like Expression Blend and technologies like Silverlight. For more information,contact Jonathan at

--— — ROB WINDSOR is a developer, trainer, writer and Senior Consultant with ObjectSharp

Consulting — a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Toronto, Canada. He has over fifteen years experience developing rich-client and web applications with Delphi, VB, C# and VB.NET and is currently spending a majority of his time working with SharePoint. Rob is a member of both ^^W^j/ ( the INETA Speakers Bureau and the MSDN Canada Speakers Bureau and is a regular speaker . at conferences, code camps, and user groups across North America and Europe. He is President of the Toronto Visual Basic User Group and has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for his involvement in the developer community.

GASTÓN C. HILLAR has been working with computers since he was eight. He began programming with the legendary Texas TI-99/4A and Commodore 64 home computers in the early 80s. He has worked as developer, architect, and project manager for many companies in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now, he is an independent IT consultant working for several Spanish, German, and Latin American companies, and a freelance author. He is always looking for new adventures around the world.

Gastón is the author of more than forty books in Spanish and has written two books in English. He contributes to Dr. Dobb's Go Parallel programming portal at, Dr. Dobb's at, and is a guest blogger at Intel Software Network at

He lives with his wife, Vanesa, and his son, Kevin. When not tinkering with computers, he enjoys developing and playing with wireless virtual reality devices and electronics toys with his father, his son, and his nephew Nico.

You can reach him at: [email protected]

You can follow him on Twitter at: Gastón's blog is at:

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