The substring Method

The .NET string class has a method called substring. This is a powerful method when you want to break out a portion of a string. For example, if you have a string "Hello World" and only want the first word, you would take the substring of the first five characters. There are ways to call this method. The first accepts a starting position and the number of characters to retrieve, while the second accepts the starting location. The following code shows examples of using both of these methods on an instance of a string, and the resulting output is the first pair of strings shown in Figure 2-8:

' sub string

Dim substring = "Hello World"

TextBoxl.Text = substring.substring(0, 5) & Environment.NewLine

TextBoxl.Text &= substring.substring(6) & Environment.NewLine

TextBoxl.Text &= line & Environment.NewLine

Code snippet from Forml

FiGURE 2-8

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