Your visual blueprint for creating Web applications on the .NETframework

At maranGraphics, we believe in producing great computer books — one book at a time.

maranGraphics has been producing high-technology products for over 25 years, which enables us to offer the computer book community a unique communication process.

Our computer books use an integrated communication process, which is very different from the approach used in other computer books. Each spread is, in essence, a flow chart — the text and screen shots are totally incorporated into the layout of the spread. Introductory text and helpful tips complete the learning experience.

maranGraphics' approach encourages the left and right sides of the brain to work together — resulting in faster orientation and greater memory retention. Above all, we are very proud of the handcrafted nature of our books. Our carefully-chosen writers are experts in their fields, and spend countless hours researching and organizing the content for each topic. Our artists rebuild every screen shot to provide the best clarity possible, making our screen shots the most precise and easiest to read in the industry. We strive for perfection, and believe that the time spent handcrafting each element results in the best computer books money can buy.

Thank you for purchasing this book. We hope you enjoy it!


Robert Maran

President maranGraphics

[email protected]



Acquisitions, Editorial, and Media Development

Project Editor Jade L. Williams Acquisitions Editor Jen Dorsey Product Development Supervisor Lindsay Sandman Copy Editor Timothy Borek Technical Editor John Paul Purdum Editorial Manager Rev Mengle Media Development Manager Laura Carpenter VanWinkle Permissions Editor Carmen Krikorian Media Development Specialist Marisa E. Pearman Editorial Assistants Amanda Foxworth Candace Nicholson


Book Design maranGraphics® Production Coordinator

Nancee Reeves Layout

LeAndra Johnson, Adam Mancilla, Kristin Pickett, Jill Piscitelli, Betty Schulte, Erin Zeltner

Screen Artists Ronda David-Burroughs, David Gregory, Mark Harris, Jill Proll Cover Illustration Russ Marini Proofreaders Laura L. Bowman, Andy Hollandbeck, Susan Moritz Angel Perez, Marianne Santy Indexer

TECHBOOKS Production Services Special Help Microsoft Corporation, Diana Conover, Richard Graves, Leslie Kersey


Hungry Minds, Inc.: John Kilcullen, CEO; Bill Barry, President and COO; John Ball, Executive VP, Operations & Administration; John Harris, Executive VP and CFO

Hungry Minds Technology Publishing Group: Richard Swadley, Senior Vice President and Publisher; Mary Bednarek, Vice President and Publisher, Networking; Walter R. Bruce III, Vice President and Publisher; Joseph Wikert, Vice President and Publisher, Web Development Group; Mary C. Corder, Editorial Director, Dummies Technology; Andy Cummings, Publishing Director, Dummies Technology; Barry Pruett, Publishing Director, Visual/Graphic Design

Hungry Minds Manufacturing: Ivor Parker, Vice President, Manufacturing

Hungry Minds Marketing: John Helmus, Assistant Vice President, Director of Marketing

Hungry Minds Production for Branded Press: Debbie Stailey, Production Director

Hungry Minds Sales: Michael Violano, Vice President, International Sales and Sub Rights


Danny Ryan: Danny Ryan graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Danny has more than three years of training experience and more than five years of consulting experience, most involving Fortune 500 companies. Danny has two years of "big-five" consulting experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers. Danny's area of focus is consulting for Microsoft Internet technologies including Microsoft ASPNET, C#, SQL Server 2000, BizTalk Server 2000, and Commerce Server 2000. Danny has used several processes for software development including variants of the Rational Unified Process and the Microsoft Solutions Framework. On projects, Danny normally plays the role of Project Manager. His certifications include MCSE, MCSD, MCT, and MCP + Internet. Danny is a recent instructor of XML, MSF Design, Microsoft Site Server 3.0, Interdev 6.0, and other Web Development classes. You can contact Danny at [email protected] or learn more about him at

Tommy Ryan: Tommy graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Tommy has more than twelve years of technical project experience and more than four years of pure software consulting experience. Tommy's area of focus is consulting for Microsoft Internet technologies, including Microsoft ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2000, BizTalk Server 2000, and Commerce Server 2000. Like Danny, Tommy has used several processes for software development, including variants of the Rational Unified Process, and the Microsoft Solutions Framework. On projects, Tommy normally plays the role of Technical Lead. His certifications include MCSE, MCSD, MCT, and MCP + Internet. Tommy is a recent instructor of MSF Design, Microsoft Site Server 3.0, Interdev 6.0, and several of the Visual Basic 6.0 classes. Tommy is also the co-author of another Visual blueprint book on building Internet application with C#. You can contact Tommy at [email protected] or learn more about him at


Both Danny and Tommy would like to thank Extreme Logic and all of the exceptional people that we worked with there. Special thanks to Wain Kellum, Keith Landers, Saima Adney, Alicia Ford, Bruce Harple, and Nancy Wehunt — along with all of the team members that we worked with on projects including: Anthony Yott, Brian Erwin, Dave Cohen, Alan Fraser, Jerry Rasmussen, Tim Coalson, Jim Davis, Stacy Parrish, Chris Cumpton, John Underwood, Desiree Tuvell, Rich Sabo, Teo Lachev, John Camp, Scott Matthews, Jennifer Aase, Amy Bauland, Russell Groover, Todd Ransom, David Steyer, Tony Heffner, Sean Gerety, Jason Etheridge, Julie Kellum, Ashley Aiken, and Tammy Conaway.

We would like to thank the clients that we have worked with during the past couple of years for challenging us to be better consultants, including Nick Callivas, Brian Blinco, Jay Dalke, Bob Hughes, and Harwell Thrasher.

We would also like to thank Megan Mathews and Joe Chancey of Drew Eckl & Farnham LLP, and Eddie Scott and Brad Pearce of Jackson, Reece, and Scott for the great service they provide.

We would like to thank all of the hardworking people at Hungry Minds for helping us produce this book — especially Jennifer Dorsey, Jade Williams, and our Editors. Jennifer made sure that we were taken care of well. Jade did an awesome job of editing our work — we appreciate how hard she worked on this book, and we are very thankful that she was our Production Editor.

Tommy would like to thank his colleagues at W.L. Gore and Associates who helped him start his professional career, including John Reaney, Mark Fundakowsi, Diccon Bancroft, John Pysczynski, Pamela Perdue, Erik Nightwine, Debra Raup, Ray Edmanson, Bob McCleary, Lawrence Anderson, Wolfgang Holma, and Line 10 Production Team; the WinCC Team at Siemens that helped him in his transition to being a Microsoft geek, including Emilio Matt, Rob Bohm, Bob Meads, Rich Miceli, Charlie Moore, Jörg Allmendinger, and Rene Wolf; and his extended family and friends for the support in the things outside of work including Joe and Rosemarie Markiewicz, Robert and Donna Philips, Joe and Jan Markiewicz, Chuck and Mary Hanson, Rob and Gretchen Pfeiffer, and Reverend Joe Ciccone CSP

Danny would like to thank: his friends for their support while writing the book, especially Dan Bassett and family, Nitin Dixit, Ellen Wu, Amy Bauland, Lisa and Stephen Cox and family, Jennifer and Wyatt Gordon, Danielle and Otan Ayan, Jack and Lisa Swift and family, Chikako and Takashi Asai and family, Robin Moon, Catherine Williams, Asad Jafari, Dan and Kelly Clark and family, Darnel Barnes and family, the Harding family, the Heap family, Kitty Pinto, Wendy Marinaccio, and Erica Pearlberg; everyone involved in the Jamaica trip for their good work including Father Kevin Hargaden, Shannon Smith, Michelle Basket, Ana Nerio, and everyone who sponsored the trip; the members of the MHS 10 Year Reunion Committee for picking up my slack including Sydney Whitmer, Tina Shamblin, and Jennifer Gordon; and finally, past colleagues who have made a difference in my life including Ivan Lee, Neil Russo, Jeff Shaw, Bobby Lee, Matthew Thayer, and Steve Johnston.

We dedicate this book to our family. Dad, thank you for teaching us by example what it means to live a life based on principles. Mom, thank you for showing us in a real way how to live according to the most important principle, unconditional love.

Linda, thank you for having faith in us and for being the support we needed to write this book — we could not have done this without you.

Alex, Austin, Madeline, thanks for keeping us company while writing the book and keeping

Kiki out of the office while we were working. Deanna, we wish you all the best with your writing — you're the true writer in the family and we look forward to reading your book.

Bobby and Ashley, we wish you a wonderful lifetime together full of laughter, love, and great memories.

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