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You can create an ASP 3.0 page to process a form that is submitted from an HTML page. ASP 3.0 pages and ASP.NET pages can coexist on the same Web site. Saving your ASP 3.0 pages with an .asp extension allows the Web server to determine how to properly process the file.

Adding ASP code to an HTML page enables you to create dynamic, interactive Web pages. ASP code is inserted into HTML code using code declaration blocks. Code declaration blocks are defined using <script> tags that contain a runat attribute value set to "server." You can use <% and %> as a shorthand replacement for declaring server-side code. The server-side code blocks tell the Web server where the ASP code begins and ends. This tells the Web server which areas need to be processed before being sent to the user's Web browser.

You can use the ASP 3.0 object model to interact with Web servers' requests and responses to users. The Request.Form statement enables you to access information passed by a form to a Web server. The Response.Write statement enables you to manipulate the response to a user's request. This statement enables you to modify the HTML sent in the response dynamically, enabling you to customize responses to user requests.


File | Edit Format Help New Ctrl+N J





5ave As,..

File | Edit Format Help New Ctrl+N J

File name: Files ol type:

Ir ^ Code Templates

ÏÏJ BusinessTitlesT emplate. aspx 1] CommentsTemplate.aspx I] Convertí oWebPageTemplate. S] CreateApplicationTemplate.asi Jj] CreateCookieCollectionT empli S] CreateCookieT emplate. aspx j{] Creates essionT emplate. aspx j{] DatagridT emplate. aspx

DeclareServerSideObjectGlob © DefauItT emplate. htm Î] DeleteApplicationT emplate. as|


File name: Files ol type:

| All Files

□ Start your text editor.

-0 Click File O Open.

[SI D eleteS essionT emplate. aspx -||H1 GenericTemplateasp I

u G enericT emplate. aspx

® GenericTemplate.htm

Üj] G etRequestParamsT emplate. aspx

|j{] ReadApplicationT emplate. aspx

D R eadCookieCollectionT emplate. aspx

|jj] R eadCookieT emplate. aspx

[S] ReadS essionT emplate. aspx e S uggestionsT emplate. htm

(IT] S uggestionsT emplatel. aspx

Cancel ^ I

Q Click 0 to select All Files from the drop-down list.

Click to select a template.

Cancel ^ I

-Q Declare the scripting language used for the page.

Type the HTML and ASP code to display what the user fills in on the form.

-Q Declare the scripting language used for the page.

^O Type a description of the page between the <H3> tags and press Enter.

Type the HTML and ASP code to display what the user fills in on the form.

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