Web Development Basics

Browse Your Default Web Site 20

Explore a Web Site 22

Open a Template File 24

Save a File to the Default Web Site 25

Create an HTML Page 26

Create an ASP Page 28

Create an ASP.NET Web Page 30

Add an Event Handler to an ASP.NET Page 32

Write Your First C# Application 34

Compile a C# Application 36

Format Your Code 38

Declare a Variable 40

Initialize a Variable 42

Access Properties 44

Make Decisions Using Conditional Statements 46

Work with Arrays 48

Control Logic Using Iterative Statements 50

Concatenate a String 52

Convert a Variable 54

Enumerate a Collection 56

Declare and Use Methods 58

Implement Exception Handling 62

Convert a Console Application to an ASP.NET Web Page 64


Introduction to HTML Controls 66

Process Requests to the Server 68

Create a Form Button 70

Create an HTML 4.0 Button 72

Create a Graphical Button 73

Request Single Line Input 74

Request Multiple Line Input 76

Request Boolean Input 77

Request a Selection from a Group 78

Request Input from a Drop-Down List 79

Create a Link 80

Render an Image 82

Build a Table 84

Store Hidden Information on a Form 86

Upload Files 88


Introduction to Web Controls 90

Create a Button for Posting Data 92

Create a Hyperlinked Button 94

Create a Graphical Button 95

Request Text Input 96

Request Boolean Input 98

Request a Selection from a Group 100

Request Input from a Drop-Down List 102

Request Dates from a Calendar 104

Create a Link 106

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