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Use Encodings Set Culture and Region Handle Multiple Encodings Display Multiple Currencies

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How Do I...Use the CultureInfo and RegionInfo classes?

The CultureInfo and RegionInfo classes are exported from the System.Globalization namespace. CultureInfo contains a culture's DisplayName, Calendar, and various official abbreviations.

Dim C As CultureInfo = New CultureInfo("en-us")

Console.WriteLine ("The CultureInfo is set to: {0}", C.DisplayName) Console.WriteLine ("The parent culture is: {0}", C.Parent.DisplayName)

Console.WriteLine ("The three leter ISO language name is: {0}", C.ThreeLetterISOLanguageNa Console.WriteLine ("The default calendar for this culture is: {0}\n\n", C.Calendar.ToStrin

RegionInfo contains information for a given region including DisplayName, currency information, and official abbreviations. RegionInfo also contains a static property to retreive the CurrentRegion.

Dim R As RegionInfo = New RegionInfo("us") Console.WriteLine ("The name of this region Console.WriteLine ("The currency symbol for Console.WriteLine ("Is this region metric :

the region is: {0}", R.CurrencySymbol) {0}", R.IsMetric)


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