Changing Subreports

To change the subreport name that appears when you preview your report, right-click the subreport and select Format from the right-click menu. Using the option on the Subreport property page, you can change the Subreport Preview Caption by clicking the X+2 button and entering a new name enclosed in double-quotes. Whenever the subreport name is shown (in the main report, in the tool text, on a design tab for the subreport, and so on), this name will be used.

Another common format change is the subreport border; Crystal Reports places a border around any subreports you have inserted into a main report, and this is usually the first default formatting option you will want to turn off. To change the border around a subreport, right-click the subreport and select Format. From the Border tab in the Format Editor dialog, shown in Figure 3-40, you can change all four of the Line Style drop-down boxes from Single to None.

Figure 3-40

Alternatively, if you want a border around your subreport, you can use the drop-down boxes and options to select a line style (Single, Double, Dashed, Dotted) and color, as well a background color and drop shadow. When you are finished editing the borders and colors for your subreport, click OK to return to your report design.

Subreport links are usually set up when you first insert a subreport, but you can change subreport linkage as your needs and report structure change. You will need to locate the subreport you want to change, right-click directly on top of it, and then select Change Subreport Links from the right-click menu. This will open the Subreport Links dialog and allow you to change the links to your subreports.

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