Checking for Syntax Errors

To check your formula for syntax errors, there is a Check icon (labeled X+2) that appears on the Formula Editor toolbar. This performs a syntax check on the formula in the window, but it doesn't guarantee that your formula will run or produce the desired result. It just checks to make sure that you've spelled everything correctly and your code is well formed.

With the operators report open in the form designer, right-click the Total formula under Formula Fields in the Field Explorer to open the Formula Editor by selecting Edit from the right-click menu. Within the formula editor, click the Check icon. You will then receive the message, as shown in Figure 8-7:

Click OK, and go back to the Formula Editor. Enter some random characters after the formula, and click the Check icon again. This time, an error dialog is displayed, as shown in Figure 8-8:

Figure 8-8

In this case, the checker has correctly identified an error in which some characters have been inserted at the end of a formula. If you do not correct this error, you will receive another warning when you attempt to save the formula, as shown in Figure 8-9:

You can select No to leave the formula without correcting the error, but doing so may cause further errors when your report is run.

Figure 8-9

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