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Ê bü References 1^1 Assemblylnfo.vb @ Global,asax

I Properties

Build Action Custom Tool

Custom Tool Na

Fiie Name

Full Path


Publish as weh service

Sel As Start Page Exclude From Project Run Custom Tool 4 cut

Co PI! X Delete

Rename ffj Properties


Build Action

How the file related to the build and deployment processes.


Figure 6-3

This will in turn generate an ASMX file that will also appear in the Project Explorer. There is also a source file generated for your Report Web Service, but by default, it is hidden. To show the source file, select the option for Show All Files in the Solution Explorer and you should see all three files, as shown in Figure 6-4.

Remember to compile inventory_reportService.asmx before you attempt to run it. You can do this by selecting Build ^ Build Solution or by hitting F5 on your keyboard.

Figure 6-4

For Report Web Services created using Visual Basic, the Web service file will have the extension .vb tacked on the end. You can alter this source file to add additional functionality, launch other Web services, and perform other functions.

With your report published as a Web service, you should be able to right-click directly on the corresponding .asmx file and select View in Browser from the right-click menu to display a list of valid operations for your Web service, as shown in Figure 6-5.

inventory reportService Web Service Microsoft Internet Explorer


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