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Figure 6-7

When working with the generic Report Web Service, there is no need to publish each report individually, but there are a couple of properties that you will need to set when viewing your reports using this method.

To view a report through the generic Report Web Service, you will need to specify the Web service URL that points to the generic Report Web Service, which, in turn, accesses the report specified in the ReportPath property. With the ReportPath, you don't actually need to put in the full path of the report because this property references a root directory that is embedded into the application.

This file also controls what reports you will see in the IDE under the Server Files node of the Crystal Services branch of your server.

When you first install Crystal Reports .NET, the RootDirectory tag within the file refers to the sample reports that ship with the product, so when you browse the Server Files node of the Server Explorer within the Visual Studio IDE, you are actually starting at the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio.NET\Crystal Reports\Samples\Reports directory. The URL to access this Web service is:


If you don't see any reports underneath the Server Files node, check to see if you have the Web services component of Crystal Reports .NET installed. If you took all of the defaults on the Visual Studio .NET installation, you wouldn't have this option installed, as shown in Figure 6-8.

j Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect 2003 Setup Options Page


Visual Studio' .NET

Feature properties


Feature properties

Select items to install:

□••0i=P Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect EE Language Tools

EE Hcfe Enterprise Development Tools

-NET Framework SDK j 0(~?Dotfuscator Community Edition S»0<=P Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET Mi¿1 Common Components

Visual Basic .NET Template Visual C# .NET Template Visual C++ .NET Template : Visual J# .NET Template

0 ^ Crystal Web Services 0 0&Tools for Redistributing Applications ES"0i=i Server Components


Crystal Web Services

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