Inserting a Summary Field

To create a simple summary field, click the field that you want to summarize and select Insert ^ Summary to open the dialog shown in Figure 3-16.

Figure 3-16

You will need to select a summary operator from the drop-down list at the top of the dialog, as well as which group the summary should be inserted into. If you would like this summary to be calculated as a percentage of a grand total, you can use the check box at the bottom of the dialog to enable this option and the drop-down list to select the grand total field. This feature is especially handy when used alongside sums and averages. For instance, if you were creating a report on international sales, you could show the dollar amount (sum) for each country and the average sales, as well as a percentage value representing that country in the total sales.

Another real time-saver is the option for inserting summary fields for all of the groups in your report; this will copy the summary field to the group footers for all of the groups inserted onto your report. And finally, the last option is for inserting a grand total field, which would appear at the bottom of the report in the report footer. (You can also insert grand totals independently from the right-click menu you used to insert the summary field.)

Using the report we have been creating in this chapter, add a summary field to the Orders.Order Amount field to calculate the sum. Your report should now look something like Figure 3-17.

Figure 3-17

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