Menus and Toobars

To start, your familiar Crystal Reports menus and toolbars are gone; the constraint of being embedded in the Visual Studio .NET Framework means that we can't have exclusive control over the menus that appear in the IDE.

Instead, the majority of these options can be found in the toolbars, explorers, or right-click menus within the Report Designer. There are two toolbars available with Crystal Reports .NET, shown in Figure 2-20, one called Crystal Reports — Main and the other called Crystal Reports — Insert. The Main toolbar contains the formatting controls, such as font and size, and the Insert toolbar provides the facility to insert summaries, charts, and groups.

For inserting fields into your report, there is a Field Explorer (which used to be invoked by selecting Insert ^ Field Object in older versions of Crystal Reports). You can drag fields directly from the Field Explorer onto your report.

I mentioned it before, but it is worth repeating here: if you close the Field Explorer, you will need to go to View ^ Other Windows ^ Document Outline or press Ctrl-Alt-T to view it again.

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