Record Sorting

Another tool that you have to help organize your reports is record-level sorting. Record-level sorting is similar to grouping in that it orders the records according to the criteria you specify (for example, alphabetically by country). However, the difference is that record-level sorting leaves the records in one big group. In the earlier example of grouping, the records were grouped by country and put in order so that each country had its own group, group header and footer, and so on. If we had performed a sort on those same records, they would have been ordered but left in one large list.

To add record-level sorting to your report, right-click your report in a blank area and select Report ^ Sort Records to open the dialog shown in Figure 3-15.

H Record Sort Older

H Record Sort Older

Figure 3-15

Select the field(s) that you want to use for your sort and move it from the list on the left to the list on the right by highlighting the field and clicking Add. In the report we have been working through in this chapter, add the field Orders.Order Date so that all of the records within the group will be ordered by the date the orders were placed.

If you want to change the sort order, you will need to remove all of the fields and then add them back in the correct order.

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