Selecting Project Outputs

When you first create the setup project, the IDE is opened to show the File System Explorer, as shown in Figure 10-3.

The File System Explorer is used to add the various types of files (.exe, .dll, .rpt) to your setup project and, when your setup program is run, the files will be copied to the location you specify.

In the File System Explorer, the majority of files from your project will be targeted at the Application Folder. By default, any items added to this folder will be copied to drive:\[ProgramFilesFolder]\ [Manufacturer]\[ProductName], but you can change this default, if you like, by editing the respective properties in the Properties dialog.

To add files to the Application Folder, you would click it and select Action ^ Add ^ Project Output; Again, this has already been done for this example. This will open the dialog shown in Figure 10-4 and allow you to add a Project Output Group.

Figure 10-4

If you select Primary output, this will add the primary .exe and .dll files from your application. You would need to repeat the process and select Content Files to actually pick up the report files within your application.

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