Viewer Methods

When working with the Crystal Report Viewer, we have a number of methods available to us, which will allow us to integrate specific viewer functions into our application. As we move through this section, keep in mind that these methods can be used to create your own look and feel for the report preview window, as shown in Figure 4-18.

During the course of this section, we will actually be looking at the code behind the custom viewer shown here, so it is probably not a bad idea to start a new project within this chapter's solution file. To create a new project from within Visual Studio, select File ^ New ^ Project and from Visual Basic Projects, select Windows Application and specify a name, as shown in Figure 4-19, (in the sample code, we have called this project viewer_methods) and location for your project files. Remember to set this project as your startup project.

Figure 4-18

Hew Project m

Project Types:

Tem plates;

jpl Windows Application Class Library Windows Control Library Smart Device Application |f| ASP.NET Web Application

ASP. NET Web Service gASP.NET Mobile Web Application

Web Control Library pf Console Application

LI Business Intelligence Projects Q Visual Basic Projects LJ Visual C# Projects fj Visual J# Projects F1 i""l Visual C++Projects l"l Setup and Deployment Projects ffl Pi Other Projects LI Visual Studio Solutions

A project for creating an application with a Windows user interface Name: I viewer_methods

Location: | c:\Crystal.NET2003\Chapter04

Add to Solution Close Solution

Project will be created at c:\Crystal.NET2003\Chapter04\viewer_methods.


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