In this chapter, you learned to create a simple Web application by using Visual C# in the ASP.NET framework. You learned the basics of ASP.NET and how you can create Web applications in Visual C#.

ASP.NET includes a separate runtime environment that manages the execution of ASP.NET applications. It also includes new server components, referred to as WebForms, which encapsulate the functionality of a Web page. You can add one or more server controls to a WebForm. Server controls are responsible for displaying data to users and processing user interactions.

You created a Web application project and added a WebForm to it. When creating an application, you used the ASP.NET Web application template to create a solution and add an ASP.NET project to the solution. Next, you designed a Web page by using common Web controls, such as the controls that represent labels, text boxes, list boxes, hyperlinks, buttons, and so on. Finally, you learned to handle events that are generated by controls on the WebForm.

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