Using the deployment project to deploy an application

The steps for deploying an ASP.NET application are as follows:

1. In the Solution Explorer window, right-click the solution, OrdersWebApplication. From the shortcut menu that appears, select Add ^ New Project.

2. In the Add New Project dialog box that opens, select Setup and Deployment Projects from the Project Types pane.

3. In the Templates pane, select Web Setup Project. Type the name of the project as WebSetupDeploy, and click OK. The new project is added to the solution and is seen in the Solution Explorer window. By default, the File System Editor is open for the deployment project. The File System Editor helps you add files to the deployment project.

4. In the File System Editor (the left-most pane), select WebApplication Folder.

5. To add the output of the OrderWebApplication to the deployment project, select Action ^ Add ^ Project Output. The Add Project Output Group dialog box opens.

6. In the Add Project Output Group dialog box, select OrderWebApplication from the Projects drop-down list, if necessary.

7. Hold down the Ctrl key and select Primary Output and Content Files from the list of files. The selected options are shown in Figure 28-11.

Add Project Output Group

Project: | OrdersWehApplication

| Documentation Files


Localized resources Debu:; Symbols

* Content Files

Source Files

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Configuration: j (Active) ^

Configuration: j (Active) ^


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