Who Should Read This Book

This book was written with both the novice and experienced developer in mind. If you know nothing at all about the basics of software development, this book will get you started with the fundamentals, teaching you how variables, control loops, and classes work. The book will also speak to developers of any skill level, showing you the .NET tools available for C# development and providing you with tips to make your own C# applications work seamlessly within the .NET Framework development guidelines.

If you already have delved into the world of creating .NET applications, you will find this book a useful resource, because it covers almost every aspect of .NET development in depth. The first three parts of the book serve as an illustrative reference to using features of the C# language. By contrast, the final two portions of the book are dedicated to showcasing C# as an application development platform, illustrating the role of C# in desktop-, Web-, database-, and component-based applications.

This book assumes that you are seeing C# for the very first time and aims to provide an understanding of the language without requiring any previous language expertise. The book does assume, however, that you are familiar with the application environments used in conjunction with your C# applications. The final portions of this book cover the use of C# with desktop, Web, database and component applications, but does not explain those platforms in detail. Rather, the book assumes that you have a working knowledge of those application platforms.

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