In the end, in spite of all the help from the folks at Microsoft and Microsoft Press, any errors or omissions are mine. ASP.NET is a new technology, and it was still in flux as I wrote this book. On more than one occasion, Robert Lyon, the technical editor of this book, found that what was clear and unambiguously presented in one build of the .NET documentation would be either completely wrong or unclear in a later build. Such are the challenges of writing books on Beta software. Recent builds have been much more stable, and the documentation has settled down, with new builds very rarely changing a behavior, and much more often expanding on a topic, making it clearer.

That said, I fear that you may find something here and there that doesn't quite jive with the final build, or certain topics that require clarification. If you do, please feel free to let me know. Future editions can be better as a result, and in any event, I intend to create a page on my Web site that will allow you to see any changes or corrections. Thank you for reading the book!

Douglas Reilly

[email protected] http://www.ProgrammingASP.NET

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