Aspnet Development 101

Figure 4-1: Output of the Visual Basic .NET version of the ASP.NET example shown in Listing 4-3

Figure 4-2: The ASP development cycle Figure 4-3: The ASP.NET development cycle Figure 4-4: The Visual Studio .NET My Profile screen Figure 4-5: The Visual Studio .NET New Project dialog box

Figure 4-6: The Web application directory created by Visual Studio .NET when a new ASP.NET application is created

Figure 4-7: Application Configuration dialog box for newly created chap04 application directory

Figure 4-8: Visual Studio as soon as the new Web Application project has been created in Grid Layout

Figure 4-9: The chap04 main form with two labels added to the form Figure 4-10: HTML code as it appears in Visual Studio .NET

Figure 4-11: The chap04 example page when run after the modifications described in the text

Figure 4-12: The results returned by calling the HelloWorld XML Web service shown in Listing 4-4

Figure 4-13: The error message that appears when a variable is not declared in the source from Listing 4-3

Figure 4-14: An ASP.NET error message

Figure 4-15: The output of the Login.aspx page shown in Listing 4-6 when tracing is enabled and pageOutput is set to true

Figure 4-16: Trace output with explicit trace category added

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