First and foremost, I want to thank Mario for taking the challenge to write the second edition of this book together with me. Without him, this book could not exist.

I especially want to thank those people whom I've met in the previous years and whose insight constantly influenced the way I think about software. A big "thank you" therefore needs to go to Beat Schwegler, Clemens Vasters, Don Box, and Steve Swartz.

But the biggest "thank you" needs to go to the thousands of software developers and architects who contacted me by e-mail, who chatted with me at various conferences, and who wrote thought-provoking Weblog and newsgroup posts. You are the reason why I wrote this book.

Of course, writing a book would not be possible without the support of many people. Even though only Mario's and my name appear on the cover, this book would not have been possible without my fellows at thinktecture: Christian Weyer, Christian Nagel, and Ralf Westphal; my friend and the technical reviewer for this book, Kent Sharkey; and the fine editorial staff at Apress: Laura Brown, Ami Knox, and Ellie Fountain. Thank you for making this book a reality!

—Ingo Rammer

The first large project I started working on was one of the most interesting projects I have ever been part of. The enthusiasm and creativity of the two masterminds in this team, Harald Leitenmuller and Benedikt Redl, have inspired me. These two persons have shown me what software development in large projects really means, and they have shown me how interesting software architecture is! Without them, I would not have progressed even half as far as I have today. Therefore, my biggest thanks go to Harald and Benedikt.

Without Beat Schwegler, I would not have had the chance to get involved in writing this book. Thank you, Beat, for this great opportunity and much more for the things I have learned in the past two years from you. These two years have been a really great time!

Last but not least, I want to thank you, Ingo, for giving me the chance to write this book with you. It was really great. I learned many things, and right now I recognize that writing concepts and thoughts down is something that can be really funny and, even more so, interesting.

—Mario Szpuszta

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