Walkthrough Custom Exporting with PDF

ActiveReports provides custom components for several formats, including PDF, HTML, RTF, Excel, TIFF and plain text. Ultimate customizability is available by using any ASP.NET language.

This walkthrough illustrates how to create a simple Web application and set up custom exporting in PDF format.

This walkthrough is split up into the following activities:

• Adding an ActiveReport to an ASP.NET Web application

• Connecting the report to a data source

• Adding controls to the report to contain data

• Adding the PDF Export control to the Web Form

• Adding code to the Web Form to export to PDF

To complete the walkthrough, you must have access to the NorthWind database (NWind.mdb). You must also have access to Internet Information Services either from your computer or from the server. You must also run the "Configure Web Sample" option from the Data Dynamics ActiveReports for .NET program menu from your Windows Start button.

When you have completed this walkthrough, you will have a report in PDF format that looks similar to the following.

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