Walkthrough Web Viewer Control

The ActiveReports WebViewer control allows you to easily publish simple reports to the web for viewing in the browser. The client machine will not require ActiveReports or ASP.NET to be installed. The WebViewer also takes advantage of a report queuing technology to ensure the reports are executed and outputted efficiently. To use the WebViewer you will select an ActiveReport using the Report property of the WebViewer in the property list and set the ViewerType property to the viewer of your choice. Alternatively, you can set the Report property programmatically to a new instance of an ActiveReport class.

This walkthrough is split up into the following activities:

• Adding an ActiveReport to an ASP.NET Web application

• Connecting the report to a data source

• Adding controls to the report to contain data

• Adding the ActiveReports WebViewer control to the Web Form

To complete the walkthrough, you must have access to the NorthWind database (NWind.mdb). You must also have access to Internet Information Services either from your computer or from the server. You must also run the "Configure Web Sample" option from the Data Dynamics ActiveReports for .NET program menu from your Windows Start button.

When you have completed this walkthrough, you will have a report that looks similar to the following.

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