Adding a Check Mark

You can add a check mark both at design time and at runtime. You have two methods of adding a check mark to a menu item at design time. After selecting the menu item within the Menu Designer, you can set the Checked property to True in the Properties window. Alternatively, click the area to the left of the menu item. As shown in Figure 11-7, a check mark appears, indicating the Checked property has been set to True. Clicking the area again eliminates the check mark.


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Figure 11-7: Adding a check mark in the Menu Designer

Note The menu item's RadioCheck property customizes the appearance of the selected item. If the RadioCheck property is True, a radio button appears next to the item; if the RadioCheck property is False, a check mark instead appears next to the item.

You add a check mark to a menu item programmatically simply by setting the menu item's Checked property to True:

mnuItemNew.Checked = True

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