Builtin vs Programmerdefined Procedures

Event proce dures and the InputBox function have in common that they are built into Visual Basic .NET. The code inside the event procedure executes, seemingly automatically, when the specified event happens to the specified object. You need not write any code to cause the event procedure to execute when the specified event happens. Similarly, you do not need to write any code for the InputBox function to do what it does, display an input box and return the value typed by the application user in the input box.

Built-in procedures simplify your programming tasks. For example, you could write a procedure that duplicates what the InputBox function does. However, Visual Basic .NET saves you the trouble by providing the InputBox function for you. Visual Basic .NET has many other built-in procedures that simplify your programming tasks.

While Visual Basic .NET has numerous useful built-in procedures, not even the creators of Visual Basic .NET could anticipate every conceivable programming task and supply a built-in procedure to perform that task. Indeed, even if they could, the Visual Basic .NET language might become too large and unwieldy. Thus, there are many times when you need to create your own procedures. Visual Basic .NET enables you to do so, and this module will show you how.

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