Mastery Check

Please see the Questions and Answers for this section in Appendix A.

1. An event procedure connects an event to the code you want to run when the event occurs.

2. If you did not write an event procedure, nothing happens when an event occurs.

3. What are inside the parentheses of an event procedure?

a. Methods b. Events c. Parameters d. Variables

4. You can change the name of the event in an event procedure stub.

5. When you misspell code, such as Debug.Right instead of Debug.Write, it is a:

a. Syntax error b. Logical error

6. The Debug class is helpful to solve:

a. Syntax errors b. Logical errors

7. All properties:

a. Can be read b. Can be written to c. Have a default value

8. You can use the Properties window to change the value of any property.

9. When you write to a property at runtime, you use the Properties window.

10. Properties whose values may change while the application is running are said to be:

a. Static b. Dynamic

11. The Toolbox is used to:

a. Fix the menu b. Add buttons to your toolbar c. Add controls to your form d. Customize the IDE

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