Figure 38 Testing a mobile Web application with the Openwave simulator

s ÜWG1 - Openwave


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Go |http7/localhost/MyFirstMobileApp/defau ^ |

Go |http7/localhost/MyFirstMobileApp/defau ^ |

Openwave Simulator Windows

Actual WAP devices always connect to the Internet via a special proxy, called a WAP gateway. This gateway acts as an important bridge between the wireless WAP protocols used by the phone and the HTTP over TCP/IP used by the wired Web. When you test with a real device, you must configure it to connect via a WAP gateway, operated by your wireless service provider, or in some cases, your company. Fortunately, the Openwave simulator includes gateway functionality within it, so you don't have to worry about this when testing on your own workstation. The default configuration for the simulator is to connect directly to a server using HTTP protocols over the wired Web. To check that your simulator is configured like this, click the Settings menu of the Openwave simulator and then click UP.Link Settings. Check the HTTP Direct check box, as shown in Figure 3-10.

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